AV System Health Check

What is a System Health Check?

A system health check identifies inconsistencies, irregularities and inefficiencies that are causing your system to operate ineffectively. Regular health checks help discover opportunities to increase productivity, reduce costs and optimise performance.

The PC Audio Visual systems health check provides you with a comprehensive report on:

  • Hardware status
  • Software licenses
  • End-of-life milestones
  • Future readiness
  • Capacity planning



As the first step, we will sort and prepare a digital inventory of your existing equipment.  We will assess its capacity; analysis the life and scalability of each infrastructural element is also performed.


This phase of systems health check includes analysing and testing the reliability and performance of an existing system. Our technicians will compare your system performance with industry benchmarks, investigate past issues and explore methods of improving performance.


At the end of our comprehensive system health check; a report is generated in line with the industry best practices taking into account the future readiness of the existing infrastructure. This report details the status of existing infrastructure, lists hardware that is nearing end-of-life and includes recommendations.

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