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New ViewSonic Interactive Screens

The ViewSonic Interactive Screens provide 4K display resolution while featuring Wireless Presentation Display (WPD) and containing the capability to support video conferencing peripherals in the form of cameras and microphones.

This new product is perfect for classrooms, boardrooms, offices and more. Contact us today for more information and talk to our experts about this exciting product.

What is a Wireless Presentation Display (WPD)?

A wireless presentation display (WPD) is display hardware that has built-in features for wireless connectivity, screen sharing, and an integrated multimedia display.  All without the need for dongles or app installations. It also enables you to perform instant casting so easily and swiftly, just by opening a browser. With the added ability to share multiple screens all at once – even from multiple locations – allowing for effortless collaboration.

Viewsonic Interactive Screens PC Audio Visual Melbourne

Top 3 Benefits

  • Effortless and hassle-free to use by anyone for presentations and collaborations
  • Wireless connectivity and offers great quality value for the budget-conscious
  • Easy device maintenance and management. It can be done remotely!

Interactive Touch Screens

Interactive touch screens are perfect for collaboration and brainstorming sessions, even when working with contributors from multiple locations. The Viewsonic Viewboards series is ideal for education, offices, boardrooms and more.

ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP70 model series

ViewSonic ViewBoard IFP50 model series