Sound Masking

Sound Masking

Sound Masking provides an innovative and simple solution to privacy and noise distractions. In most spaces, ambient noise distractions exist due to a variety of uncontrollable external factors. But through the use of sound masking, this can be controlled and alter the work environment to create a more productive space.

Acoustic Panelling vs. Sound Masking

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Acoustic panels may help with the acoustic feel of the environment, but they will not help speech privacy or work towards reducing distractions.

With this knowledge, the ABCs of sound masking was established.

Good acoustics rely on the ABCs of open office architecture to improve the office environment to the benefit of everyone involved.

A.   Absorb: Sound absorption refers to the process by which sound waves are broken up by the material.

B.   Block: Sound can also be blocked by means of barriers placed between the sound source and listeners. E.g. walls, partitions, etc.

C.   Covering: This is where sound masking appears, providing a layer of sound that reduces our ability to detect, for instance, intelligible fragments of noise or conversation.

Good acoustics is a combination of all three aspects of the ABCs.

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