Roadworx Soundmasking

Sound Masking provides an innovative and simple solution to privacy and noise distractions. In most spaces, ambient noise distractions exist due to a variety of uncontrollable external factors. But through the use of sound masking, this can be controlled and alter the work environment to create a more productive space.

Roadworx Sound Masking provides a unique solution to this problem, allows the ambient sound level to become more uniform, making undesirable conversations and other noise distractions less audible.



Sound Masking provides you guaranteed speech privacy, ensuring voices are unintelligible outside of and in-between spaces

Increased Productivity

Employees are less distracted and easily able to concentrate in spaces with sound masking in place with independent studies indicating a 5-10% increase in productivity


Sound Masking is a cost-effective solution businesses can apply to their spaces to reduce unwanted distractions and increase speech privacy


Adaptive sound masking technology is unique in the way it automatically adjusts noise levels to provide continuous comfort for those within a space. Through this technology able to easily adapt any situation

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Roadworx Sound Masking offers a unique and innovative solution that can suit a variety of spaces and environments. As each space has unique needs it is essential that the solution matches these needs.

Our full product suite consists of:

  • Controllers
  • Loudspeakers
  • Volume Control Sensors
  • Management Software

Through consultation with our AV experts, we can provide you with a personally tailored system for your space.