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Projector Upgrade | Education Doncaster PC Audio Visual Melbourne

Doncaster Library Projector Upgrade

Library Projector Upgrade Location: Doncaster, Melbourne, Victoria As with all electronic components, projectors have a set life span depending on the use and environment they are operating in. If used in a standard application, you would expect the projector to last between 3-6 years if serviced annually. PC Audio Visual helped guide the client in … Read more

Sound Masking Open Workspace & Meeting Rooms

Reduce the effect of background noise in the workplace Problem: Background noise in the workplace Location: Port Melbourne Solution Installation of Cambridge Sound Management equipment to reduce the transfer of speech throughout the open plan office and meeting rooms.  Installation of the Qt Pro system uniformly disperses the masking sound into the workplace and eliminates … Read more

Projection and Audio Installation | Recreation Essendon PC Audio Visual Melbourne

Essendon Projection and Audio Installation

Projection and Audio Installation Location: Essendon, Melbourne, Victoria The installation of 2 Epson EB-L1505UNHL Laser projectors as well as two 250” motorised screens at this site involved careful planning and organisation to ensure that everything was installed correctly and had minimum impact on the space. With the inclusion of the high-quality dB Technologies speakers, the … Read more

Audio Coverage For Retail Store | Fitzroy | Melbourne | Victoria | PC Audio Visual

Audio Coverage For Retail Store

Providing Audio Coverage for an Entire Retail Store Problem: Store required audio throughout store Location: Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria Solution Installation of Yamaha commercial installation solutions which provide audio coverage throughout the entire area. Yamaha’s Commercial Installation Solutions are designed to help deliver ideal sound in commercial spaces. A speaker system combined with an appropriate simple or smart … Read more

Screen Installation | Corporate Epping PC Audio Visual Melbourne

Staff Cafeteria Screen Installation

Staff Cafeteria Screen Installation Location: Epping, Melbourne, Victoria During break time, staff can now make use of the 2 x 55″ screens in the nominated cafeteria locations that come with Free to Air transmission. This is so as to provide additional staff amenities for their employees to unwind during their scheduled breaks. PC Audio Visual … Read more

Screen Installation | Corporate Fitzroy PC Audio Visual Melbourne

Meeting Room Screen Install

Problem: Meeting Room screen with wireless connectivity. Location: Fitzroy Melbourne Victoria Installation of 1 x Sony 65″ 24/7 Screen, Air Server Wireless Universal Mirroring Receiver. To provide maximum flexibility for the staff to project the notes for the meeting to the screen via their laptop/notebook we installed 1 x Air Server Wireless Universal Mirroring Receiver … Read more

Projector Installation West Melbourne

Projector Installation Problem: Conference room larger screen projection. Location: West Melbourne Solution Installation of an Epson EB-2250U projector, Screen Technics motorised screen and AV controller. Creating the right environment for teams to meet and collaborate has never been more important, by working with you we can provide a simple turn key (automated) solution with the … Read more

Video Conference Installation | Corporate Ballarat PC Audio Visual Melbourne

All-in-One Video Conferencing Installation

All-in-One Video Conferencing Installation Location: Ballarat, Melbourne, Victoria To ensure the the installation would suit the required space as well as being able to suit the various needs of the uses for the user. Three broadside beam-forming, omni-directional microphones with noise and echo cancellation are specifically, optimised for the small space at the site. A … Read more

Video Conference Installation Ivanhoe

Video Conference Installation Problem: Connection with clients via video link Location: Ivanhoe, Melbourne, Victoria Solution Installation of all-in-one mobile conference system with audio re-enforcement Installation of 1 x all-in-one Logitech Meetup Conference Cam with an extra wide field of view and integrated audio, perfect for small conference and meeting rooms. With three broadside beamforming, omni-directional … Read more