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Cable Management |South Yarra PC Audio Visual Melbourne

South Yarra Cable Management

Location: South Yarra, Melbourne, Victoria

An issue with the internet connection was present along with the AV cabling, presenting a possible tripping hazard. Having the internet, laptop, and main power connection for both the in-house and external (guest) laptops, this can lead to the user interface becoming messy and especially confusing.

To solve this, PC Audio Visual installed mounting brackets for the components and nylon cable sleeves to ultimately have effective cable management. As a result, this can reduce the confusion as well as a possible tripping hazard.

Top 6 Cable Management Problems List:
1. Wire Management That Doesn't Fit Desk.
2. Not Big Enough to Hold All Wires or Power Strips.
3. Does not included Enough Wire Pass through.
4. Many Tend to be Cheap and Flimsy.
5. Poor Connection to Desk.
6. Hard to Access Screw Holes.

PC Audio Visual has the experience and expertise to help you with all your cable management needs in Melbourne and surrounding areas.